Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bridal Shower!

     I know that I haven't been writing as regularly as I should have been. I do have an excuse though. November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. Nonnie, our grandma, told us about it a few months ago. Basically, the contestants have November 1st to November 30th to write a novel. The judges only count the words; they don't care if it makes any sense. However, you are not allowed to write the same word over and over again, though. Bummer, right? Just kidding. For adults, the word count goal is 50,000 words. You are allowed to set your own goal too.
    At first, we were somewhat apprehensive about it. I love writing, but I wasn't sure about writing a novel. It seemed like a huge undertaking. But, on November 1st, we decided to take the plunge and just have a go at it. My mom had wanted us to write a novel all together. We did too, but we ran into a slight problem. My brothers started talking about how they wanted ninjas, samarais, and such in the story. Immediately, my sisters and I shot down their ideas. We wanted to write about four sisters who travel to Alaska, but my brothers didn't like our plans any more than we liked theirs. So, we began our own novels. Our family is writing three separate novels right now.  Each one is very unique and interesting.

     So, that is my excuse for not consistently blogging. I've been writing a ton! My sisters and I currently have just over 18,000 words and a week and a half left. We're aiming for at least 25,000 total, but more if we are able to. It has been exciting working together; we each have different ideas which make the story better.

     Anyway, let me get to what I was originally going to write about. I really have been wanting to post about a bridal shower I helped host back in October. My friend is getting married in December and I'm the maid of honor. It has been a totally new experience for me, since I have only been a flower girl in my uncle and aunt's wedding when I was younger. My mom and sisters helped a lot, as well as a bridesmaid who's also in the wedding. It was somewhat stressful getting everything coordinated and prepared, but overall, it went really well. Here are few pictures that my sister, Michelle, took while we were there.
The Bride-to-Be!

Cute placemats my mom made.


The good news is that the bride loved the shower, so that means it was a success! Praise the Lord.


P.S. Be sure to check out Michelle's blog. She is planning on posting more pictures of the shower soon.